Indian Mango

Initial Crop Report for 2021 Season

It is too early yet to make any predictions as to the final outcome of the 2021 Indian mango crop, since many factors may still affect the yield between now and harvest in May/July, however for reference the following points are notable regarding 2021 production of mango puree:

Flowering of the mango trees is excellent across most of India for all varieties, especially Totapuri and Alphonso. How much fruit sets and develops to maturity remains to be seen, but the weather is currently favourable for insects and a good level of pollination is anticipated.

The water table and aquifers are reported to be generally well stocked and provided that appropriate rains occur in a timely manner during the coming months the next mango crop should be good.

For reasons no one seems to be able to explain, India appears to have experienced significantly lower levels of serious illness due to Covid-19 than Europe and the US in particular, resulting in the removal of most restrictions on travel and social interaction. In consequence, labour availability for harvesting and puree processing is at present expected to be normal.

Steel prices have risen considerably in India and continue to show signs of firmness and potential further increase. This will have the effect of increasing the costs of drums. 

Stocks of 2020 crop AMP, TMC and KMP are completely sold-out. TMP is available in very limited quantity, but no carry-over is anticipated into new season. 

The biggest unknown cost factor likely to determine the final price of new season mango puree is that of international shipping. Shipping rates worldwide rose dramatically during H2 last year and despite easing very slightly, remain at historically high levels. Rates from India to Europe increased almost five-fold and shipping lines indicate that they have no intention of reducing rates for the foreseeable future.

Indian fruit processors and traders/brokers lost significant amounts of money during the past 9-months as a result of booking original contracts on a CFR basis. Most honoured these contracts, but are unlikely to be willing to accommodate shipping costs into new season offers. Expect therefore that new season mango puree offers will be provided on an FOB basis, with shipping “at cost” for the buyers account. 

As usual, we plan to issue a series of mango crop updates as the season develops and definitive information becomes available. If in the meantime you want any update, or clarification of progress then please just call us and we will be happy to discuss the latest data that we have available.